Keep 45 Alive

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About Keep 45 Alive . . .

The Keeping the Spirit of 1945 Alive initiative seeks to commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the end of WWII by collecting memories and photographs, and posting them to this web site. In addition to collecting stories there is a movement afoot to bring younger and older generations of Australians together in commemorating this upcoming anniversary.  Remembering the sacrifices of our WWII veterans whilst we celebrate our freedoms is the theme to Keeping the Spirit of ‘45 Alive.

A grassroots effort by veterans, ADF active duty personnel and reservists of The Returned & Service League of Australia, Eastern & Northern Metropolitan District Councils of RSL Sub-Branches (New South Wales) has officially sanctioned and adopted a Committee for the 65th Anniversary of Victory in the Pacific Day. This Committee is now working to commemorate the special anniversary in such a way that all Australians are included in remembering a defining moment in our history.

The Committee, in partnerships with the Australian War Memorial and Sir Roden Cutler Charities, is planning events leading up to, and on, 15 August 2010.  On 26 April 2010 a cross-country BIGROLL will be commenced starting in Perth and ending in Sydney on Victory in the Pacific Day (VP Day).  Participants will be stopping at RSL clubs and schools along the way and collecting stories and memorabilia from veterans and civilians of where they were on VP Day 1945 to bring them to Sydney.  Other activities leading up to the anniversary will include morning Keep 45 Alive teas, student history projects, various RSL clubs will have dance lessons (in preparation for the 1940s themed style dances), in addition to many other activities.  The Committee has set up a Planned Events web page.

On VP Day 2010, following the traditional ceremony in Sydney’s Martin Place at the Cenotaph, special events are being organised to unite the various generations of Australians so as to remember and honour the sacrifices our WWII veterans made whilst celebrating our freedoms.  These events include, a parade, music concerts, entertainment, themed 1940s styled evening dances, and fireworks.  The Committee has established a Subcommittee on Events  which  is responsible for event planning.  RSL sub-branches and the general public may contact the Subcommittee on Events at